Mole Poblano

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Turkey cooked in a chilli, chocolate and peanut sauce - what could be better for Xmas dinner?

My biggest regret in Mexico was watching my landlady lovingly spend a week putting together the various elements that made up the Mole sauce she was preparing for her traditional Xmas dinner, and then moving out before I got a chance to taste it!  It can be an immense task preparing Mole - songs have been written about it, recipes are closely guarded secrets.  

I have tried to recreate the flavours of a mole for those who really don't have the time to cook it from scratch.  It can also be hard to source the Mexican chillies needed for the recipe.  Although there are three different chillies in the mix, it is not a particularly hot mix.  The chillies have a richness and sweetness to them that is essential for a mole. 

When using this mix, I recommend the addition of ground peanuts or almonds and some dried fruit (prunes are my favourite for this) for added sweetness and richness. 

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds, Ancho Chillies, Mulato Chillies, Pasilla Chillies, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Seeds, Cacao Beans, Cinnamon, Oregano, Coriander seeds, Aniseed, Black Peppercorns, Salt, Cloves

Weight: 90g